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Awaken Tango is a values-centered network of people who envision a more connected world and see Argentine tango as a guiding light. It is the hub of a massive explosion of tango innovation. We are a network of tango friends building a platform for cross-community collaboration.

Vision: Healthy individuals, partnerships, and communities actively living out the loving and co-creative spirit of tango.

Mission: To carry out research, foster innovation, and pilot new forms of collaboration, so Argentine Tango can reach its potential to benefit humanity.


  • Intentionality. We believe tango can make the world a better place, and we work to bring this into being at the highest leverage points. 
  • Intrinsic reward. We learn, work, create and practice because we love this art form, not primarily to seek external honors.  
  • Innovation. Innovation in dance, pedagogy, business/marketing, performing, and collaboration are critical to the healthy growth and evolution of the tango experience.
  • Equality. Every person should have access to the same tango opportunities regardless of age, gender, race, access to wealth or nationality.
  • Loving kindness. We cultivate positive, loving regard for all, even those we disagree with.

Even/Over statements

We value: 

  • Building a strong foundation with deep roots even over responding to tempting possibilities
  • Joyful co-creation between friends even over producing fast and efficient results 
  • Committed, devoted collaborators even over scattered attention from individual geniuses and charismatic stars
  • Long term transformation even over reduction to quick wins
  • Deep dialogue with high quality listening even over light and loose idea exchange
  • Values-centered approach even over attention-craving approach
  • Healthy online presence even over chasing social media likes