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Tango Café

tbd – stay tuned for details! The idea behind the cafe is simple: we want to meet with like-minded fellow tango people, and have a chat about tango, life and everything else. The format willContinue readingTango Café

Tango Wiki

We’re building a wiki of the elements we found on the tango map. You can see it for yourself on — feel free to create an account and help out with new content orContinue readingTango Wiki


Ask Korey for an invitation link.

Dialogue Forum

Join us for deep conversations on Our latest (publicly available) posts. When you register, you’ll see more :):

1:1 Conversations

Next 7 week Pair-a-thon: September 12- October 30 2022 Why have 1:1 conversations with Awaken Tango network members? This program facilitates one-on-one meetings between members of the intentional, values-centered Awaken Tango network. This is oneContinue reading1:1 Conversations