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Together again: a global community conversation

We are slowly awakening from two years of pandemic dormancy into a radically changed global context. How have tango communities been changed, and how do we want to change?

As we re-awaken tango in our local communities post-pandemic, we wonder: who is responsible for stewarding uplifting and harmonious social spaces? For community safety and respect? For ensuring financial sustainability?

This month we are discussing our expectations of participation, leadership and how community roles are evolving in the upkeep and re-awakening of our local tango communities. 

Join us, and other global tango friends, on Sunday June 26, 2022, on Zoom. Pre-register here by June 21.

  • 11am – 12:30pm PT
  • 2pm – 3:30pm ET
  • 8pm – 9:30pm  CEST

Many communities have experienced the limitations, power imbalances and unrealistic expectations of traditional structures that emphasized building a “viable, profitable business model”. Heavy reliance on a few experts to teach, organize, run a business and cultivate community has led to burnout and sometimes, bankruptcy. What might community-based models for cooperative governance, participatory co-ownership and peer learning approaches offer us as alternatives for a healthier commuity experience? We wonder how your local communities are navigating these limitations and possibilities, and what is awakening where you are. 

Register today and invite your local tango friends to join you in exploring the evolving design principles for a healthy local tango community.

We will continue to learn about TheoryU to help us orient in the process of change, the power of the shared social field and the distributed potency of awareness-based social change.

Please pre-register here before June 21, 2022. 100 seats are available.

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