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Thank you so much for completing the Inner Experience of Tango survey! High virtual fives!

Update May 2, 2023: We are very grateful for the 1300+ people who participated in the survey. The survey is now closed. If you’d like to find out about results, be sure you’re on the newsletter list.

Here is what you can do next, if you want to help us gather more wonderful different perspectives to enrich this research study:

1. Please share the survey in your tango circles!

We want this to reach as broad a cross-section of the tango community as humanly possible. We would be thrilled if you would post in on social media or forward it to your newsletter. To make this easy, here are a few sample blurbs — feel free to tailor or write your own!

Tango friends, check out this new research project: the tango inner experience survey. It takes about 20-30 minutes of focused time to answer questions about what you experience as you dance — mental talk, images, sensations, etc. The goal is to get as many different people participating as possible so we can better understand patterns in folks’ experience of the dance. Open until April 30th

I just took this survey and I am asking my tango friends to do so as well! Please set aside 20-30 minutes to answer these intriguing (anonymous) questions about your inner experience as you dance tango. If enough of people participate by April 30th we’ll have some neat data to create more empathy and understanding and help the community grow.

Cool tango research project! Avik and Mitra are doing a survey to illuminate the inner experience of tango. It takes about 20-30 minutes and asks a lot of interesting (anonymous) questions about what your experience is like as you dance. Please take it and share with your network! Survey is open until the end of April.

Even easier, here are some graphics you can post, send as a text, or drop in your newsletter:

2. Print this flyer and post at your events or classes!

Are you an event organizer or teacher? Other tango researchers have found that posting a simple flyer with a QR code can help boost survey participation rates. Here is a simple, one-page PDF flyer/poster you can print or forward to an organizer in your community.

3. Sign up for the Awaken Tango newsletter for more tango R&D.

Y’all, we’re still trying to get Awaken Tango organized and it’s still in the “emergence” phase but we nevertheless welcome you to be part of this inter-community cross-collaborative undertaking by joining our newsletter.

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